South Carolina Press Association serves SC newspapers since 1852

Aug. 26: FOI Committee Meeting, SCPA Offices, Columbia

Aug. 26: Webinar: Maximizing Your Digital Revenue – Don’t leave money on the table!

Sept. 5: SCPA and SCNN Offices Closed for Labor Day

Sept. 15: News, Collegiate and Associate/Individual Contest Rules Available /Entry Platform Open

Sept. 29: LegalEase Webinar: Court Reporting using digital court documents

Sept. 30: Photoshop Workshop

Oct. 14: IRE/NICAR Computer-assisted Reporting Bootcamp, SCPA Offices, Columbia

Oct. 20: Ad Sales Basics Workshop, SCPA Offices, Columbia

Oct. 27: LegalEase Webinar: Submitting FOI Requests

Nov. 18: News Contest Entry Deadline

Dec. 2: Collegiate Contest Entry Deadline