About SCPA
All 15 S.C. daily newspapers and 85 weeklies in South Carolina are members of the SCPA. We are proud to announce that nearly every eligible newspaper in the state is a member. There are also more than 80 active individual and associate members. Membership is in the name of the newspaper, and all employees of member newspapers have full membership rights and privileges. To see a list of all member newspapers, click here.

Established in 1852, the South Carolina Press Association represents and serves the daily and weekly newspapers of South Carolina.

The objectives of the SCPA, as set out in our charter, are to:

  • Promote the welfare of the newspaper profession
  • To elevate its standards and to enlarge its usefulness
  • To foster friendly relationships among its members

SCPA provides services that include lobbying, a legal/FOI hotline, industry legal representation, advertising representation, conventions and workshops for members and publications.

But one of the greatest benefits the SCPA offers is that of fostering better contact and a closer relationship among the working press in the Palmetto State. It offers an eff56ective and pleasant way to get to know and communicate with your peers in the South Carolina newspaper community.

The association's headquarters are located in Columbia. We are classified as a not-for-profit association.

The association has two related organizations:

  • S.C. Press Services is a wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary operating an advertising sales program for member papers.
  • The SCPA Foundation is a nonprofit organization that promotes education and training in our industry through scholarships, internships and workshops.

SCPA Constitution (PDF Document)

Membership Classification
There are five different classes for membership. All membership applications must be approved by the executive committee.

* Active memberships shall be limited to newspapers of general circulation that are issued in South Carolina at least weekly. Active memberships are available in two categories: Paid circulation with periodical mailing permit. Applicants for newspaper membership must provide a copy of their current periodical mailing permit with this application. Members with periodical class mailing permits must annually submit a copy of their published postal permit by October 31. Non-paid circulation without periodical mailing permit. If an applicant for active newspaper membership does not have a periodical mailing permit issued by the U.S. Postal Service, the applicant must demonstrate that its content contains news of general, local interest and that such content is compiled and prepared by the applicant’s staff. Applicants must also demonstrate the newspaper’s circulation by submitting a current circulation audit performed by an auditing firm acceptable to the SCPA Executive Committee (such as the Audit Bureau of Circulation), or by providing sworn, notarized statements by the firm printing the applicant’s newspaper, stating the newspaper’s press run on at least two dates specified by the Association. Members without periodical class mailing permits must submit annual audit statements or notarized printer statements of press runs each October.

* Individual membership is limited to persons who do not qualify as active members but whose past or present vocation lies in the field of journalism or the teaching of journalism. Membership is social only and members do not have a vote.

* Associate membership is limited to persons, firms, agencies, and associations found by the Executive Committee to be appropriate with furthering the objectives of the SCPA. Associate members may include representatives of syndicates, trade journals, advertising and public relations firms, government agencies, and manufacturers and distributors of printing supplies and equipment.

* Collegiate membership is limited to publications staffed by the students affiliated with any accredited college or university located in South Carolina and who have met the further qualifications as specified by the Collegiate Division.

* Honorary members may be elected from time to time by vote of the Executive Committee.

Membership dues for the newspaper members are based on circulation and frequency. Dues are billed for a calendar year.

Contact the SCPA for more information or to become a member.

Oral History Project
On this site you will find oral history interviews with some of South Carolina's leading newspaper journalists from the past 70 years.The goal of the Oral History Project is to ensure that the heritage of the state's journalists and newspapers is preserved. The Oral History Project is a joint project of the S.C. Press Association and the University of South Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communications. More interviews are being conducted every year, so we hope you will return regularly. If you have questions about the program or how to use the interviews, please contact us.

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