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Destined to be publisher: A family history in Gaffney
Louis Sossamon recalls his roots at the Gaffney Ledger and how times have changed in the newspaper business.

Louis Sossamon

Louis Sossamon

Born: 1921 in Gaffney, SC
Died: Feb. 11, 2019

Newspaper History:
- Started at the Gaffney Ledger, 1950
- Purchased the Gaffney Ledger from his father and became publisher, 1968
- Retired from the Gaffney Ledger, 1999

Honors and Awards:
- Won the SCPA's Freedom of Information Award, 1962
- President of SCPA, 1968
- Inducted into the USC Athletics Hall of Fame, 1968
- Inducted into the SC Athletic Hall of Fame, 1974

-1939-1942 University of South Carolina

Military Service: Navy (2.5 Years)

Family: Was married to Kathryn Edgerton Sossamon (now deceased), three children, eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren

Video Interview
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To listen to the full interview, click here to download the raw audio.
The full interview is 39 minutes.

Interview Highlights (fast forward to hear about):
- Sossamon's beginnings into the newspaper business and the family history (0:29-3:40)
- The Gaffney Strangler (4:04-5:55)
- The Sherriff sues the Gaffney Ledger (6:09-7:21)
- Winning the Freedom of Information Award (8:39-10:25)
- The hardest part of working in newspaper (12:05-13:45)
- Strom Thurmond (15:20-15:46)
- Civil Rights in Gaffney (18:05-20:08)
- Technology changes in newspapers (21:52-24:06)
- Advice to up-and-coming journalists (24:10-27:29)
- Stories about the Gaffney Ledger (27:43-29:18, 32:10-33:10)
- Praise for SCPA (30:38-31:54, 35:40-36:35)
The Gaffney Ledger
SC Athletic Hall of Fame
University of South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame

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