Editor's Note: This is a special Sunshine Week preview edition. We'll be back to normal next week.
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Sunshine Week starts Sunday and we have a great package of promotional materials for you to use next week. The goal is to promote a dialogue about the importance of open government and freedom of information. 

Though created by journalists, Sunshine Week is about the public's right to know what its government is doing, and why. SCPA members are strongly encouraged to join this national initiative.

We've created a cutting edge ad that stands alone, but has a QR code to allow readers to use their smartphones to see a video from the lips of Thomas Jefferson. The ad is 5-col. x 14 inches and really pops in color. Of course, you can run it in black and white. The ad is located at the right, so if you have a smart phone you can scan the code on the screen and place your phone on the ad to see and hear the message. There is also a place at the bottom that directs non-smartphone users to the Web to see the interactive elements. In addition to promoting open government, the ad promotes our new Citizens Guide to the FOIA.

The Citizen's Guide breaks down South Carolina's Freedom of Information Act in just two pages, and will help your readers understand why the law is important and how to use the FOIA to gain access to public meetings and documents. The guide is available as a PDF or Web-based document that you can link to or re-post on your website. We've also created three sizes of Web ads to help promote this resource. An example is located on the right. The Web ads do not reference Sunshine Week, so you can continue to use them after next week.

SCPA Executive Bill Rogers has written an Op-Ed encouraging citizens to stand up for their rights and support open government.

We also have two editorial cartoons by local artists Robert Ariail and Mike Beckom (Mike's ad is on the right), and the sunshine week logo in a variety of sizes.

"Sunshine Week is a great opportunity to emphasize and reinforce the importance of open government and transparency in South Carolina," SCPA Executive Director Bill Rogers said. "It's been a disturbing year for open government with abuses reported across the state. We hope you'll use these materials and write your own editorials about the importance of open, transparent government on the local and state levels."

If you need ideas or support on how your newspaper can use these materials, please contact Jen.

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