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Join SCPA in getting FOI books to your public officials
More than 2,900 FOI booklets have been ordered by member newspapers for distribution to public officials across the state.

“This is a great start but we have a ways to go,” said Bill Rogers, SCPA Executive Director.  “Our goal is to get a copy of this booklet to every public official in the state this summer.”
The books are being offered at no cost.  The effort to educate public officials about the state’s open meetings and open records law is being financed by the SCPA FOI Fund.  Rogers said the distribution was prompted in part by excuses given in the state’s first criminal FOIA prosecution, which ended in the officials being let off because they said they didn’t know they were breaking the law.
So far,copies of the books are being sent to 1,663 daily newspapers and  1,238 copies are being sent to weekly papers.
Rogers noted that it is not to late if you haven’t ordered your books.
Contact Bill to order copies.

Making the most of QR codes to engage readers
A new technological advancement in the advertising world is the development of QR codes. 
A QR code, or "Quick Response" code, is a square image that resembles a bar code.
Newspapers are starting to insert QR codes into ads, infoboxes and even obituaries.
A QR code has information encoded into it, which can be scanned and decoded by smartphones with a simple QR Reader application.  The data held in a QR code can be text, video or most commonly a URL. 
A recent issue of the Free Times, an alternative weekly newspaper in Columbia, included a total of 60 QR codes, dispersed throughout the paper. Advertisers such as car dealerships and real estate agents used the codes to link readers to their websites, whereas restaurants and stores used them to send readers to their Facebook page, or to coupons for exclusive promotions like a free appetizer or $15 off your bill.

Upsell ads for a revenue boost
In a difficult economy it’s important to find new revenue streams. When you sell an ad into the S.C. Newspaper Network’s 2x2 or 2x4 Advertising Network, your newspaper can earn $400 for each 2x2 ad you sell or $800 for each 2x4. This is in addition to the amount your newspaper receives in the quarterly payout.
“The benefits of running an ad statewide rather than locally is appealing to many advertisers, especially when the ad can be placed in 111 papers across the Palmetto State at such a discounted price,” said SCPA Executive Director Bill Rogers. “And it’s a great way for papers to boost their ad revenue.”
To find out more about selling SCNN network ads, contact Jimmie Haynes at (803) 750-9561.

GrammySuePublisher- The Lancaster News and
Carolina Gateway

SCPA Vice President - Weeklies

What do you like best about your job?

I like being able to give the community information that they can't get elsewhere, and meeting people in the community.

What's your biggest challenge and how are you facing it?
The declining circulation, which is combated by implementing new ideas and adding value to the inside pages of the paper.

What's the best part of working in our industry?
You never know what's facing you day to day, it never gets boring and there's always a new challenge.

What's your favorite SCPA member service?
The training opportunities available for every staff member.

Any big plans for the summer?
I'm waiting for my second grandchild...he's coming any day now!  At the paper, we are installing a computer-to-plate system which should be up and running in a couple of weeks.
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mixThe Union Daily Times has hired Ron Mix as its general manager. Mix has worked in the newspaper industry for 39 years. He will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of The Times and will report to Denny Koenders, group publisher of Heartland's South Carolina newspapers. Mix will serve as advertising manager for the company's South Carolina group.

The Georgetown Times has announced it will soon begin outsourcing its printing operations to The Post and Courier in Charleston. Publisher John Carr said it is virtually unheard of for non-daily newspapers to print themselves. Carr said other factors that played a role in the decision included the capacity of the press. We have limited color positions so many print jobs are excluded right off the bat, he said.

The Newspaper Association of America has named Caroline Little as president and CEO. She draws upon more than 25 years of executive and legal experience, serving most recently as CEO/North America of Guardian News and Media Ltd. Before taking that job in 2008, Little was with Washington Post Newsweek Interactive (WPNI). During her last four years there she served as publisher and CEO. Little succeeds John Sturm, who is retiring from NAA after 16 years as president.

foi briefs
North Myrtle Beach pays $47,802 in dashcam lawsuit
The Sun News recently reported that the city of North Myrtle Beach paid $47,802 in lawyers' fees trying to keep the public from seeing an obscenity-laced police dashcam video of a confrontation between a former police officer and the wife of state Rep. Tracy Edge. The fees stem from a lawsuit filed by William Bailey, the city's former public safety director, and The Sun News in October against North Myrtle Beach after the city refused to release the video under terms of the S.C. Freedom of Information Act.
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tmiFree ads promote newspapers, books to teens
The Hoosier State Press Association Foundation has offered to share free 2x4 summer reading ads promoting use of the newspaper and the library. These ads are very well done and appeal to tweens and teens. One even suggests a summer subscription to a newspaper with room for contact information. Newspapers can download five different 2x4 ads to run in the next two months that encourage reading the newspaper and books.

Writing About People You Know
‘In community journalism, there is no place to hide, and if you want to hide, then you have no business in this business anyway.’
Lyndon Johnson once observed that “the country weekly acts as a form of social cement in holding the community together.” But this son of rural Texas, who rose to be president of the United States, also declared, “The fact that a man is a newspaper reporter is evidence of some flaw of character.” Johnson was a man of some contradiction. These two views, each perhaps held with equal fervor, reflect the constant conundrum that good community journalists confront between responsibilities as a professional and the need to have friends and friendly acquaintances, as part of a community. Holding local leaders and institutions accountable while playing an engaged civic role of building and strengthening the community inevitably leads to conflict. read more


slimpI haven't done any type of serious research on the subject, but it occurs to me that smaller daily and weekly newspapers are spending more time and money planning for the future. There are many theories ranging from "Newspapers resisted spending money on capital and staff during the past few years due to fears about the future and now feel a need to play catch up" to "We finally realized we newspapers) aren't dying, so we'd better start preparing for our future."read


Spec advertising can play a valuable role in the sales process, as long as it is based on relevant information about the advertiser... Burt wants his marketing to stand out, not blend in. And I think it's safe to say that the advertisers in your hometown want the same thing. It all starts with knowledge. That's one step that is too important to skip. read


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