Virtual Awards for the 2020 News Contest

Due to COVID-19, the S.C. Press Association hosted virtual awards Oct, 27-29, 2021. The presentations honored winners of the 2020 News Contest. 
Click the link below to view each recording, as well as secret winner info.

Winners Badge 

Save the badge above to showcase your wins in your print edition or on your website. 

Plaques & Certificates

Plaques, certificates, President’s Cups and cash prizes will be shipped to member newspapers during the week of Oct. 25-29, 2021, mostly via USPS Priority Mail.
Duplicate awards are available for purchase. Duplicate engraved First Place plaques are $35. Duplicate Second and Third Place certificates are $2 each. If you’d like to frame your Second or Third Place award, wooden plaque bases are available for $25. Prices include shipping. To order, please contact us.

Congratulations, winners! We are so proud of you!