About the S.C. Press Association

Established in 1852, the South Carolina Press Association represents and serves the daily and weekly newspapers of South Carolina.

Daily Newspapers
Weekly Newspapers
Our member newspapers are the leading source of news and advertising in the communities we serve. Find a newspaper or inquire about membership in SCPA.

The objectives of the SCPA, as set out in our charter, are to:

    • Promote the welfare of the newspaper profession
    • To elevate its standards and to enlarge its usefulness
    • To foster friendly relationships among its members

SCPA provides services that include lobbying, a legal/FOI hotline, industry legal representation, advertising representation, conventions and workshops for members and publications. One of the greatest benefits of SCPA is fostering better contact and a closer relationship among the working press in the Palmetto State. 

The association’s headquarters are located in Columbia. We are classified as a not-for-profit association.

View our Constitution and Bylaws. 

The association has two related organizations:

    • S.C. Press Services (also known as the S.C. Newspaper Network) is a wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary operating an advertising sales program for member papers.
    • The SCPA Foundation is a nonprofit organization that promotes education and training in our industry through scholarships, internships and workshops.