Unsure about an ad? Our advertising guides can help.

Guide to advertising liquor, beer and wine in S.C. newspapers

This guide is designed for ad representatives and advertisers related to the advertisement of liquor, beer and wine.

Guide to fair housing regulations for advertising in S.C. newspapers

The U.S. Fair Housing Act allows newspapers to be charged with violations of the act for printing ads that are discriminatory.

Political advertising legal guide for S.C. newspapers

Political advertising, whether for or against a candidate or ballot measure, is subject to legal requirements not found in non-political advertising.

Guide to advertising requirements for regulated professions

Professions licensed by the S.C. Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation have specific requirements for advertisements.

Legal advertising regulations for S.C. tattoo parlors

Legal notice law related to applying for a tattoo facility license.

Guide to legal (public notice) advertising laws

Setting legal rates, type specifications and more for S.C. newspapers.

Red flags in classified advertising

This guide has been prepared jointly with the S.C. Department of Consumer Affairs as a reference for SCPA members in screening classified advertising.

Indemnification agreements

Unfortunately, some people use newspaper advertisements to belittle, demean or embarrass others. To guard against exposure to liability, use this form.

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