Indemnification Agreements

Unfortunately some people use newspaper advertisements to belittle, demean and embarrass others. These often occur in the form of personal ads, but can also crop up in birth announcements and birthday notices.

To guard against exposure to liability for invasion of privacy or libel in these ads and notices:

  • Have the advertiser/contributor exhibit some form of identification, a driver’s license for example.
  • Have the advertiser/contributor sign a form that says the following:


I,                                    (person placing the announcement), certify that the information submitted for publication and online posting is true, not defamatory, does not invade the privacy of any person and does not infringe any copyright. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless                                   , its employees and agents, from and against all claims and expenses (including attorney fees and expenses) arising out of the publication of material supplied by me for the publication.

Printed Name                                                      
Email address                                                      

If you have questions about indemnification agreements or other legal matters, call the SCPA FOI/Legal Hotline at (803) 750-9561. You can also email us.