SCPA has 15 daily and 69 weekly newspapers in its membership. Active newspaper membership is limited to print newspapers of general circulation that are issued in South Carolina at least weekly. Paid circulation and free distribution newspapers are eligible for membership. An applicant must demonstrate its content contains news of general, local interest and that such content is compiled and prepared by the applicant’s staff. 

Nearly every college newspaper in South Carolina is active in SCPA. Collegiate membership is limited to print and digital news publications staffed by the students affiliated with any accredited college or university located in South Carolina.

Associate membership is limited to persons, firms, agencies, and associations found by the Executive Committee to be appropriate with furthering the objectives of the SCPA. Associate members may include representatives of syndicates, trade journals, advertising and public relations firms, government agencies, and manufacturers and distributors of printing supplies and equipment. SCPA has several Associate members with print news publications.

Individual membership is limited to persons whose past or present vocation lies in the field of newspaper journalism or the teaching of journalism. Honorary members may be elected from time to time by vote of the Executive Committee.

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SCPA’s comprehensive media guide includes detailed information on South Carolina’s daily and weekly newspapers including contact info, key personnel listings, audited circulation and readership figures and advertising information. Also included are listings of: