Past Presidents of the S.C. Press Association

1852: Robert W. Gibbes, The South Carolinian, Columbia

1853: Richard Yeadon, Charleston Courier

1857-1873: Civil War. SCPA did not meet.

1873: Joseph B. Kershaw, Camden

1875-1877: James A. Hoyt, Anderson Intelligencer, Anderson

1878: Frances Dawson, Charleston News and Courier, Charleston

1879-1884: Thomas Crews, Laurensville Herald, Laurensville

1885-1890: Miles B. McSweeney, Hampton Guardian, Hampton

1891-1892: W.H. Wallace, Newberry Observer, Newberry

1893: Hugh Wilson, Press and Banner, Abbeville

1894-1911: E.H. Aull, Newberry Observer, Newberry

1913: Edward H.DeCamp, The Gaffney Ledger, Gaffney

1922: H.G. Osteen, The Sumter Item, Sumter

1924: A.B. Jordan, The Dillon Herald, Dillon

1925: J. Rion McKissick, The Greenville News, Greenville Piedmont

1928: B.H. Peace, The Greenville News, Greenville

1929: Great Depression.  SCPA did not meet.

1930-1932: A.W. Huckle, Rock Hill Evening Herald, Rock Hill

1933-1934: P.M. Dees, Herald-Independent, Winnsboro

1935-1936: William E. Gonzales, The State, Columbia

1937: Ben P. Davies, People-Sentinel, Barnwell

1938: Roger C. Peace, Greenville News, Greenville

1939: Mason C. Brunson, Florence Morning News, Florence

1940: F.W. Sossamon, Gaffney Ledger, Gaffney

1941: S.L. Latimer, Jr., The State, Columbia

1942: A.L.M. Wiggins, Hartsville Messenger, Hartsville

1943: Judson W. Chapman, Greenville News, Greenville

1944: Wilson W. Harris, Clinton Chronicle, Clinton

1945: Wilton E. Hall, Anderson Independent-Daily Mail, Anderson

1946: Allison Lee, Laurens County Advertiser, Laurens

1947: J.M. Blalock, The State-Record Co., Columbia

1948: B.J. King, Aiken Standard, Aiken

1949: J.M. O’Dowd, Florence Morning News, Florence

1950: Harold Booker Sr., Chronicle-Independent, Camden

1951: Charles Peace, Greenville News, Greenville

1952: W.L. Kinney, Sr., Marlboro Herald-Advocate, Bennettsville

1953: H.D. Osteen, Sumter Daily Item, Sumter

1954: W.W. Smoak, Press and Standard, Walterboro

1955: Hall T. McGee, News & Courier/Evening Post, Charleston

1956: David W. Hiott, The Pickens Sentinel, Pickens

1957: Wayne Freeman, The Greenville News, Greenville Piedmont, Greenville

1958: Joe Wiggins, Hartsville Messenger, Hartsville

1959: John A. Montgomery, The State-Record, Columbia

1960: Julian Starr, Jr., Lancaster News, Lancaster

1961: J. Kelly Sisk Jr., Greenville News-Piedmont, Greenville

1962: W. Jack Ragsdale, Easley Progress, Easley

1963: J. Ed Chaffin, Index-Journal, Greenwood

1964: Paul League, Journal and Tribune, Seneca

1965: Robert M. Hitt, News & Courier/Evening Post, Charleston

1966: Mark C. Garner, The Sun News, Myrtle Beach

1967: Hubert Hendrix, Herald-Journal, Spartanburg

1968: Louis Sossamon, The Gaffney Ledger, Gaffney

1969: Dean B. Livingston, Times and Democrat, Orangeburg

1970: Edd A. Burch, The Greer Citizen, Greer

1971: W.D. Workman, Jr., The State-Record, Columbia

1972: William L. Kinney, Jr., Marlboro Herald-Advocate, Bennettsville

1973: R. Frank Mundy, Index-Journal, Greenwood

1974: Donny Wilder, The Woodruff News, Woodruff

1975: James H. McKinney, The Greenville News, Greenville

1976: Edward M. Sweatt, Cheraw Chronicle, Cheraw

1977: Hubert D. Osteen, Jr., Sumter Daily Item, Sumter

1978: Don McKeown, News & Reporter, Chester

1979: Rudy Rivers, Herald-Journal, Spartanburg

1980: Bill Gibbons, Gaffney Ledger, Gaffney

1981: Rhea T. Eskew, Greenville News-Piedmont, Greenville

1982: Polly Lowman*, North Myrtle Beach Times, North Myrtle Beach

1983: R. Sidney Crim, The State-Record, Columbia

1984: Jim Owen, Clover Herald, Clover

1985: J. Douglas Donehue, The Post and Courier, Charleston

1986: Glenn Tucker*, The Chronicle-Independent, Camden

1987: W. deBerniere Mebane*, Greenville News-Piedmont, Greenville

1988: Walter Burch*, The Greer Citizen, Greer

1989: Lee Harter*, The Times and Democrat, Orangeburg

1990: William Collins*, The Journal-Scene, Summerville

1991: Joseph M. Smoak, The Post and Courier, Charleston

1992: Ollie Moye, The Newberry Observer, Newberry

1993: John Heath, The Beaufort Gazette, Beaufort

1994: Jerry Vickery*, The Easley Progress, Easley

1995: Scott Hunter, The Aiken Standard, Aiken

1996: Sudie Gambrell*, The Greenville News, Greenville

1997: Terry Plumb*, The Herald, Rock Hill

1998: Steve Robertson, Horry Independent, Conway

1999: Larry Tarleton*, The Post and Courier, Charleston

2000: Vickey N. Boyd*, The News, Kingstree

2001: Fred L. Foster*, Independent-Mail, Anderson

2002: Jayne Speizer, The Herald, Rock Hill

2002: David L. Ernest, The Lancaster News, Lancaster

2003: Cathy Hughes*, The Times and Democrat, Orangeburg

2004: Patricia Larson*, Fort Mill Times, Fort Mill

2005: Steven R. Brandt*, The Greenville News, Greenville

2006: Jerry Bellune*, Lexington County Chronicle & Dispatch News, Lexington

2007: Carl Beck*, Herald-Journal, Spartanburg

2008: Harry Logan*, Morning News, Florence

2009: Tay Smith*, The Press and Standard, Walterboro

2010: Laura McKenzie*, The People Sentinel, Barnwell

2011: Bill Hawkins*, The Post and Courier, Charleston

2012: Susan Rowell*, The Lancaster News, Lancaster

2013: Jack Osteen*, The Item, Sumter

2014: Morrey Thomas*, News and Press, Darlington

2015: Judith Mundy Burns, Index-Journal, Greenwood

2016: Ellen Priest*, News and Press

2017: Michael Smith*, Herald-Journal, Spartanburg

2018: Jane Pigg*, The Link, Cheraw

2019: P.J. Browning*, The Post and Courier, Charleston

2020: Suzanne Detar*, The Daniel Island News

2021: Don Kausler Jr.* of Florence, Index-Journal

2022: Charles Swenson*, Coastal Observer, Pawleys Island 

*still living