Sample Model Release

One branch of the invasion of privacy tort deals with the appropriation of a person’s likeness for commercial use without compensation. To avoid such difficulties, do not use news photos in advertising. If you are creating an ad with models, obtain a model release form from each model. It is not necessary to pay the model, unless the model insists and you are willing to do so, but the release form should be obtained. A sample, simple release is set out below.

I (Name of Model), in exchange for adequate consideration, the receipt of which is hearby acknowledged, hereby consent to being the subject of photographs taken by (photographer or paper) and authorize (photographer or paper), to cause the photographs to be exhibited with or without advertising sponsorship as still photographs, transparencies, motion pictures, television or video.

By this document I, (model name), release (photographer or paper), their agents, employees or assigns, from any and all claims for damages, for libel, slander, invasion of privacy or any other claim based upon use of my likeness.

Signature Line/Date

Witness Line/Date