Public Notice Guide: Criminal Procedures

Receipt of notification of complaints of “profits from a crime”

The Office of Victim Assistance should publish a copy of the complaint of “profits from a crime” in a newspaper of general circulation in the county. The notice should be published at least once a year for three years upon the date of the complaint.

A notice of receipt of complaint
A newspaper with general circulation
At least once a year for three years upon the filing of the complaint

Exact wording:

“C) Upon receipt of a copy of the complaint, the office shall: (2) publish, at least once a year for three years from the date it is initially notified by an eligible person under this section, a legal notice in newspapers of general circulation in the county where the crime was committed and in contiguous counties advising any eligible persons of the alleged existence of profits from a crime. The office may provide additional notice in its discretion;…”

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