#SCPRESS20 Collegiate Division Awards

Writing Awards – Starts at 6:35

Design Awards – Starts at 13:00

Photography Awards – Starts at 14:30

Digital Awards – Starts at 17:50

General Excellence – Starts at 19:00

Journalist of the Year – Starts at 20:40

Collegiate Journalists of the Year

Marcus Hamilton, Claflin University

Winner in the Under 5,000 Division

In 2019, Marcus Hamilton of Claflin University stepped up to become the go-to reporter for The Panther, taking on conventional and special coverage with vigor and coming through in a big way. He reported on campus administration, student activities and politics for the student newspaper, and even connected with The Times and Democrat to write stories for the local daily. All the while, he served as game announcer for Claflin volleyball and basketball. Judges said this year’s recipient is a to-the-point writer who covered a wide variety of stories. 

Anna Sharpe, Winthrop University

Winner in the Over 5,000 Division

Anna Sharpe of The Johnsonian at Winthrop University is recognized for her excellent record as a young journalist. She took on some major issues at Winthrop and fought for openness. Throughout her career, Sharpe has consistently been outstanding in her writing, reporting and editing, and she has demonstrated a determination to fight for information, question authority and demand accountability from those in power. She’s used the FOIA to seek specifics of then Winthrop President Dan Mahony. She also wrote a major enterprise story on sexual assaults on campus that will hopefully lead to better reporting of these crimes.  Under her leadership, The Johnsonian has been serious, fun, entertaining and engaging. The paper has consistently reported on real, important news stories. We are also proud to announce that Sharpe has been named the South Carolina Press Association Foundation’s Mundy Scholar for the current academic year. 

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