#SCPRESS20 Weekly Newspaper Awards

Writing/Reporting Awards: 4:11
Sports Writing Awards: 20:27
Design, Editing & Section Awards: 23:10
Photography Awards: 29:05
Digital Awards: 35:03
Top Honors: 38:10

Journalist of the Year

Christian Boschult

Myrtle Beach Herald

We are proud to recognize our 2019 Weekly Journalist of the Year, Christian Boschult of the Myrtle Beach Herald. This year’s recipient took the prize for his aggressive and impactful investigative journalism. Judges commended the reporter’s hard work and rich quality and depth of writing. Although his nomination packet contained many great examples of work, standout pieces include his dogged reporting, which led to Horry County Schools releasing information about a state investigation into the district’s school construction program. He also spent ten months working on “Justice Dismissed,” an investigative series on the Atlantic Beach Police Department. His reporting exposed the agency’s systematic failure to investigate serious crimes and led to the region’s top prosecutor calling for a state police investigation of the department.

Photojournalist of the Year

Tanya Ackerman

Coastal Observer

Judges said the scenics are dynamic, with all photos displaying good tone, cropping and focus. Judges especially loved the sports flip-over frame, little drummer dude and night sky and sunrise photos. 

Assertive Journalism Award


Myrtle Beach Herald

Christian Boschult, Janet Morgan and Charles D. Perry

Assertive, strong reporting on a variety of topics. The Myrtle Beach Herald fought to ensure access to public records and held public officials accountable. This is watchdog reporting at its finest. Reporters did not back down in demanding details about the Horry County Schools construction project and Horry County Administrator Chris Eldridge’s separation agreement. They spent months looking into why the most serious crimes in Atlantic Beach are rarely prosecuted, and did not back down or give up when dealing with a complex web of agencies, including some that lack accountability. 


The Lancaster News

Should a town spend $50,000 a year for a guy to pick up a few leaves? The Lancaster News hammered this story, worked it hard and stayed with it consistently. Staff did an excellent job holding Heath Springs council and other municipal officials accountable. Veteran reporter Greg Summers, reporter Emily Pollock and editor Brian Melton did a thorough job of tracking the issue and staying on top of it. Each piece was well written, with wonderful context, on a variety of topics. Good explanations of the strange behind-the-scenes maneuvering. Effective use of FOIA. Supporting editorials reinforced coverage.

Montgomery/Shurr FOI Award

Myrtle Beach Herald

Christian Boschult, Janet Morgan and Charles D. Perry

This award is named in memory of Reid Montgomery, the late secretary-manager of the S.C. Press Association, and the late John Shurr, who spent more than two decades as SCPA’s FOI Chair and as S.C. Bureau Chief for The Associated Press. Both led the fight for open government in South Carolina. Endowed by The Associated Press, the first place winner will receive a cash prize of $500.  

First place goes to Christian Boschult, Janet Morgan and Charles D. Perry of the Myrtle Beach Herald. Again citing the examples noted in the Assertive Journalism Award, these reporters had several victories in their fight to make local government more open and accountable. Excellent understanding and use of the FOIA. Cohesive, comprehensive reporting.

President’s Awards for Excellence

SCPA’s President’s Awards for Excellence are presented by circulation division to the newspaper with the overall best performance in the contest. Winners are presented a trophy that will be theirs to display until the 2021 SCPA Annual Meeting & Awards. 

Winner in the Under 3,500 Division

The Twin-City News

Winner in the 3,500-7,500 Division

Myrtle Beach Herald

Winner in the Over 7,500 Division

Moultrie News

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